Friday, January 05, 2007

Revving Red Camry Coming Home

Look at my newest acquisition! Leave me unsupervised for any period of time and I can get myself into a world of trouble.

I just got off the phone with Dave (Cute Boy's brother-in-law) and the deal is a go. I'm now the proud lease owner of this adorable little gem.

Princess and I went in to see Dave yesterday, after much feet dragging on my part to put the wheels in motion to buy/lease a new vehicle. I decided to lease because the payments better fit my needs right now, as much as I'm not a huge fan of leasing. I know there are many pros and cons to leasing, and right now leasing works for me. My payments are more managable and that is what I need right now and the buyout is one that I'm comfortable with now and hopefully will be at the end of the lease period.

It has been many years since I've owned a new vehicle and never have I done it on my own, so this is a major scary and exciting step for me. I don't get to pick it up until Monday. What a long weekend it is going to be waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting...... a little impatient, eh?

I had the best time buying this car. Dealing with Dave was just sooo easy. I guess when a deal to buy a car starts out with a hug and ends with a hug good things will happen! The deal was put together and presented to Bruce, the operations manager, who knows Cute Boy from when he worked for Toyota. Bruce was supposed to take my car for a test drive, instead came in and handed my keys to me and said, if you're attatched to Cute Boy I don't need to drive your car and handed me back my keys. My car trade-in value was only $3.00, if you can imagine, but being 'family' according to Dave, I got $1000 off the price of the vehicle! Buying this car from Toyota was like being treated like 'family', not only by Dave, but by everyone I dealt with from beginning to end. When Bruce was leaving the office the first time, he took Princess' hat and propped it up on her head which in itself is hilarious because Princess is anal about her hair. She took the hat down at one point, Bruce, walking by the office, came back in and put it up again. It was this kind of friendliness that put me at ease in buying my car.

I had to deal with Laurie, a lady working in the finance department. She was too cute. We got to talking about things other than just buying and financing a car. Laurie was telling me about her grandson that is our city's New Year's baby. We also got to talking about The Relay for Life which she participated in for 2006, as well as a fundraiser for the Lung Association The Amazing Pace which is now something I want to look into doing. This whole car buying experience was just like being in the company of family.

All in all I'm scared and excited.... I'm more excited than anything right now. Bring on the weekend and lets get to Monday already.

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