Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Drama Filled House

Life isn't bad at all, just drama filled with my Drama Queen (aka Queenie), home for a few days. Cute Boy, Princess, Miss Daisy (dog) and I took a little road trip to Belleville yesterday to meet FN (will not translate that one for you - use your imagination :)) and pick up Queenie.

The car ride home was filled with chatter and giggles. It warms my heart to know those girls are the other's best friend. The one good thing FN and I did was to encourage the girls to remember they are the rock for the other. It seems to have worked.

Can I rave a little bit about how I think Cute Boy is wonderful? We are having my former in-laws over for dinner tonight. I'm so blessed to be loved by them, Cute Boy and B & M. To know that Cute Boy is comfortable with our relationship means the world to me. Not only are B & M coming for dinner, but Cute Boy is doing all the work and cooking too. Awwwww, he does my heart good.

After a week of trials and turbulence, life is taking on an easy pace, although still hectic. Things with the house are still all about cleaning organizing and unpacking. I love it!

Pics are coming. I promise they are going to be here before the end of the week. That is my mini goal. Don't want to over do it too much.

Happy healthy days to you!

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