Thursday, January 08, 2009

Sleepy Cardio Kid

I'm finding a bit of a cardio groove!

I went to the gym again and I'm starting to feel more comfortable and not as though I'm just going through the paces. I'm very proud of myself and that being said, is something I don't say very often. I'm not looking for pats and kudos. Simple observation.

Last night was a crappy night between the sheets. I suffer something awful from really poor sleep habits after the first 4 hours and last night was brutal. I could have easily got out of bed at 3-30am. I now have in my hands, a little nugget of gold - a sleeping pill. A girl from work gave me one of hers to see if it helps me before I invest in a pack of my own. Sleeping pills is not something I'm excited about taking, but a girl can only survive so long in a zombie like state.

All this sleep chatter does have purpose. I was unsure of what kind of work out I was going to achieve dragging ass like I was. I told K-Pow today that I was still hitting the gym, no excuses. I'm so glad I persevered and didn't let exhaustion keep me from my work out.

I ran for a distance of 4.34KM and that was not a hard pushed work out. I did it, but didn't push myself to my limits. I do have another "I love it moment" - my elbows were sweating!!!!!! I love when my elbows have sweat on them. I feel incredible when I have the sheen of perspiration. Does that make me odd? I mean, any odder than I already am?

One of my BLBE team mates, Mary Beth asked a question - Yes, I am a big reader. I love it and struggle between finding time for all the hobbies I have, reading, cross stitching and now returning to the gym.

Thanks to all my BLBE teammates and non-teammates, Bre (love you) that stop by and leave comments. Even from the non teammates challenging to kick my ass. I live for the challenge and my desire to push forward is huge.

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