Friday, January 16, 2009

WI Success

Well, my weigh in this morning. What can I say? Are you anxiously awaiting my results?

I was more apprehensive for this weigh in that I can remember of any in my recent history. I've eaten not the greatest, but tried to be conscientious of healthy choices over those not so healthy. Work outs were done, but not many. The head games were played and the water consummed.

I'm down 1.2lbs to 133.6lbs! I'm blown away!!! Go Team Lynn!

I'm moving today so I will be hit and miss on the computer and your blogs for the remainder of the weekend. I'm rooting for you! I'm here for you in spirit, if not in type written word.

As for a few questions that have been asked of me.... I've not had a Kashi bar yet, but I'm toting one around in my bag as we speak. It will be eaten at some point during the next couple days while life is nuts and the move is being done.

I will take pics of the house once I'm really there and have a minute to call my own.

Until next time, healthy thoughts to you!

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