Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Gold, Las Vegas, Carey, D-Day

I'm so glad I went to the gym yesterday to start towards a healthier happier heart. You think I'd take that and build from it, but no! What do I do but go home and spend hours in front of my television watching Canada's Junior hockey team win their 5 gold medal in as many years.

What a game it was! You see, I'm not a passive sports fan. Truth be told, I'm a screamer. My poor dog will never be the same. Between the screaming of Cute Boy and myself, I think Miss Daisy thinks she's in t-r-o-u-b-l-e! She was comedic entertainment in an otherwise stressful evening!

Those kids are incredible. What poise they showed in the face of diversity, including finger biting and back of the head punches from the Swedish players. I know emotions can run high in such a situation, but the lack of composure shown and poor sportsmanship was glaring in the way the Swedish players were attacking the Canadians. I'm biased, yes, but I'm also fair. I was so disappointed to see such blatant penalties and lose of composure. I'm not the greatest at noticing penalties, but last night even I could have called the game!

Cute Boy came home from work yesterday with a question for me: What would you think about going to see a Nascar race, March 1st, in Las Vegas? Holy, what did you say??? No thinking about it! I'm there! A co-worker and his wife are huge Nascar fans and are going to Las Vegas to the race and invited us along because they know I'm a big fan. Cute Boy - not so much.

Cute Boy is a little concerned it might be a bit too soon after buying the house. He may be right. I do think it might do us well to get away for a bit, part and parcel because of all the drama and stress of the house. Not to mention, Vegas in March has to be a hell of a lot better than Ontario in March!

The plan will be discussed over the next couple days and we will be making a decision soon!

Call me spoiled. Cute Boy came home from work with a Carey Price t-shirt for me. We are going to see Montreal play Ottawa in March, so I've been whining about wanting a Carey Price piece of clothing and I'm my way to getting one. The only shirt that could be purchased was a child's medium. It fits, but we are going to keep looking for a woman's small. I can't wait to be Carey Price proud with my new shirt!

D-Day (otherwise known as closing day) January 15th! Cute Boy was talking with Derek (building contact) and the final walk through is January 15th, so barring any complications the move will take place that weekend.

Can you say excited? I'm excited, apprehensive and every emotion you can imagine in between.

There is so much to be packed in the condo and organizing to be done. Sometimes it doesn't pay to be anal retentive.

I can say without a doubt I'm ecstatic to have this condo living phase of my life behind me.

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