Friday, January 23, 2009

Weigh In

My WI this morning shows me the same. 133.6lb. Sorry Team Lynn. I'm not doing much to pull my weight (no pun intended)! This coming week will show a commitment to you and just as importantly, to myself.

I really am disappointed more on behalf of my team than I am for myself. After the week I've just lived, a STS is as good as hitting goal. Okay, maybe not that good but darn close. I've not been to the gym since I don't know how long and I can't find my tracking calendar, so I can honestly torture myself with that tiny detail.

This week will be different I know that much. I will not be partaking in subs, McDonald's, pizza, beer, ice cream (although it was really good Miss Mary), Mary Brown's Fried Chicken. I will be seeking healthy choices and not just what is quick and within reach. Starbucks, as wonderful as it is, will not be an everyday happening as was this past week. I will do my Friday morning treat only! This week will show me moving more and hitting the gym. My attitude is still okay, but I can feel the 'uh oh' feelings creeping in. This is my body, my responsibility and no one can do this for me! So there body, you've been warned!

I would have posted a pic of my scale this morning but the technology had other ideas. Poor lighting, camera funkiness, dying batteries. You get the picture! OMG that funny wasn't intended since you really DON'T get the picture.

That's all I have this morning folks. Time is conspiring against me.

Have a happy healthy day!

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