Monday, January 12, 2009

Wee Weights and Chatter

Damn it the days are going to fast and I can't get it all done.

I did hit the gym today though. It was painful, not the work so much but the crowded surroundings. I hit the women's gym today rather than the co-ed thinking it might not be as busy. Boy, was I wrong.

The work out was quick, but I can feel it as I type this right now. I did a quick shoulder weight train and then I threw in a standing bar curl to work my biceps. I used to have the most incredible definition in my biceps and I want that back. The only way to get it back is to work it, so I'm trying to do just that!

The cardio work out left a little to be desired considering I couldn't get myself on a treadmill to save my life. I hit the stairclimber and logged 2K. I could feel it in my arse. An arse kicking is what I need, so in a round about way I got one.

The gym I work out at right now is above a grocery store (Loblaws) and since I didn't have much for dinner I popped in for a quick addition to my dinner tonight. I got a can of Pea Soup and some bars. I bought a Rebar (yuck), Larabar and a Salba bar. Healthy eats to follow up a lackluster work out! It should be more than enough to hold me over while I work tonight. 2am can not come soon enough for me!

I do have a NSV to share. I wanted Starbucks sooooo bad on my way in to work today, but since I'd just gained 3 activity points, I didn't want to spend them on a drink. Very good girl of me, eh! I'm now sipping away on a bottle water and imagining it to be a Starbucks!

That's about all I have right now in regards to working out and eating. Lots going on with the house, but is for another post. I may get around to that later tonight once work slows down and I'm by myself.

Happy eats and work out success to you!

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