Friday, January 09, 2009

Weigh In

My weigh in this morning was awesome.

I had a 1lb loss this week. That is huge for me since I've just gotten back in to the swing of things. Prior to this I was complacent with all things regarding my weight, my health and sadly, my eating. I was always talking about changing things, getting back to the gym, eating healthier, yada yada yada... and now I'm finally doing it.

I've got a lot on my plate in the coming week with moving, work and most importantly trying to hit the gym amongst all the other demands. I want this bad enough that I'm going to make time to make myself a priority. The Energizer Bunny lives inside of me!

Post note to last night and my sleeping woes: Crabby critter came to the surface. I fell asleep on the couch to be woken up by chocolate Whoppers rolling down a milk crate type container every other minute, or so it seemed. I stomped off to bed to lay down prior to picking up Princess from work because I was so tired I felt as though I was catatonic. It was avoidance of having a snap fit too!

I took my little golden gem of a sleeping pill last night! I'm too funny, I tell ya. The pill was probably still sliding down my throat when I'm wondering why I'm not sleepy yet. I went to bed, read for a bit and then was lights out! I didn't hear Cute Boy come home from hockey and that is always good. Now, I did have trouble getting out bed this morning at 5am and felt very sluggish for the first half hour of my morning.

I am calling the doctor today because I can not, and will not go on like this any longer than I already have done. I was so out of it last night, I thought I was going insane. No more of this!

Happy Healthy Days to you!

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