Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Calgon, Please?

Where, oh where do I begin?

Cute Boy, Princess and I are in the house. Life is plugging along. We are all busy with trying to figure things out and to find the best possible way to situate furnishings in our new home. Those that know me well know how anal retentive I am about mess and clutter. I want things to be just so! I struggle with the perception of being a bitch and I guess if I come off that way, I come off that way.

I feel overwhelmed with the amount of work still needing to be done. Curtains need to be hung, boxes still to be unpacked (and sorted - not mine). This blending of two lives into one house is very challenging and a lot more work than I'm enjoying. I have to remember to be patient and tolerant. If I can get the same in return, life will once again be enjoyed by all!

This frantic activity that swirls around is not only playing havoc with my head and emotions, but with my gym time too. I've had to take Princess in to school for exams since I'm not sure about the bus schedule as of yet. I'm drained and I know my best solution to the stress is to find time for me and that me time would best be put to use running my ass off via a treadmill. I'm not a cold weather runner, other than the Resolution Run that I do with K-Pow on New Year's day.

I will get this head crap figured out, as well as the time constraints that I'm suffering right now. I'm on days next week and hopefully K-Pow and I can maybe hit the gym for a little squash game. Now, that sounds like a fun and great way to get a sweat on!

For those anxious to see pics of the house, I'm trying. I've taken a video with my phone, but don't know how to get it off my phone. Computer ignorance showing it's ugly face. I've not taken pics yet to share because it is a mess and I will NOT post pics of the house as it sits, but once it's clean we'll be golden!

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