Friday, March 12, 2010

Weigh In Craziness

My new Weight Watcher week started off on the right foot. Down 1.8lbs. Now before you wave the banners and compliment me on what a good job I did, read the whole entry first. I only really lost the weight I gained last week. I am gaining and losing the same 1-2lbs now. I am currently sitting just inside the 130's and I really do not want to see the 140's again. I'm so tired of this yin yang of my weight.

I hadn't tracked a single thing since Saturday morning. I was so off the points path that I just didn't even attempt to figure out a number to fit the gluttony. It was bad. Really really bad. How I ended up with a loss I'll never know. I'll take it, gladly, but it's not a loss I deserve. Now, that being said there have been gains I didn't deserve either, so I guess we're even on that one.

I have only run 2 times since last Saturday. The time and distance didn't amount to much because of the tenderness in my leg/knee. It is improving, I'm happy to report. I am planning a long run tomorrow, but not sure how successful I'll be. Mind over matter with a dash of common sense for good measure. Oh my goodness, how grown up I've become. Isn't that something!

I am so looking forward to getting off work tonight and starting my weekend. I don't work at the part time job this weekend. I'm off ALL weekend and so is Cute Boy! That doesn't happen very often. It will be a low key weekend with a road trip to Belleville tomorrow, leaving the house early. I will hit the street when I get home, sometime early afternoon. It will be a good dinner (I hope) and then Habs hockey at 8pm. I love those nights so much. Just Cute Boy and I doing the whole living together life thing. It's fun. It's days like this I realize how sweet my life is. I have to remember that feeling when I'm dragging butt between 2 jobs and operating on 4 hours sleep or less, which will be next weekend and the one after that too.

Awwwww, sweet sweet life!

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