Tuesday, March 02, 2010

February Fun

Running 79.67KM
I ran a total more this month than last month which would translate to more time too. I started my 8th week and for some reason it's starting to freak me out a wee bit. Trust the training! Trust the process.

Books - 2 books
I didn't read as much this month as I did in January. I blame the Olympics. Go CANADA Go!!!!

  1. The Christmas Cookie Club - Anne Pearlman
  2. Dear John - Nicholas Sparks

Weight Loss - Loss .2lbs
I did just write .2lbs! That is so very sad. All that running and I've lost .2lbs. Just kidding. I'm not really running to lose weight. I'm trying to lose weight by doing WW and I'm failing miserably in that regard. It will eventually all work itself out in the end.

Stitching - 18 hours 40 minutes
My stitching is fun again. I don't feel the insane pressure to hit particular number goals like I did in my previous stitching endeavours. I stitch now for the pure joy of putting needle to thread. That is fun.

I do have a few pieces that I finished over the years that I've done nothing with. They are currently hanging on a hanger in my spare room closet. I am contemplating putting them up for sale on E-Bay and using the money towards paying down my debt.

Personal Life
Things in my life are just floating by. After my heartache of Valentine's day life has returned to the normal I know. Work work work. I don't work as much as some but more than others. I'm trying to keep my perspective in regards to figuring out how to work, figure out my finances and still find time for Cute Boy and I to spend time together. Not sure that is as important to him as it is to me, but I keep plugging away.

I miss my girls a lot. I don't see them, but talk to them pretty much daily via texting. It is more challenging spending time with them, Queenie an hour and half away and Princess just down the road, but seemingly in another city for all the time we get to spend together.

So, that concludes the summary of my month of February.

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