Sunday, March 21, 2010

Wicked Work Weekend Mash Up

Time has been in short supply lately. For those loyal readers, I apologize for being away and delaying the suspense of my life's events. Like I like a really exciting life - not so much.

I weighed in on Friday and things STS. Again, I'm good with that. My lovely monthly visitor decided to present herself. AUGH!!!! I'm just barely out of the 140's, so I'm happy with a STS because that means I'm still in the 130's. High 130's, but here is better than not.

I've been working a lot at the part time job this weekend. From Friday to Monday when I get off work at the full time job, I will have worked 37.5 hours. I'm not feeling as tired as I would expect, but this coming weekend I have to do it again. I am really looking forward to Easter weekend. As of right now, but could change, I'm off from Thursday quitting time until Tuesday. That is sweet!!!!!!

So, on that note I'm outta here to figure out supper and relax before heading back to bed to prepare for tonight's midnight shift.

I will be back a bit later with an update on my run from earlier today.

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