Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lookin' Out For Ya, Mom

This would be how, more often than not, I find my dog. Daisy is keeping an ever watchful eye on the homestead. She's a good girl like that. Do you remember the dog on the Bugs Bunny cartoon that would sit on the hill watching over the sheep? I can't remember the dog's name, but this is what Daisy puts me a mind of every time I see her looking out in to the back yard.

What she is really probably looking at is the dog in the yard at the back of ours. Cute Boy and I refer to this other dog as her boyfriend. He will come up to the fence, okay not really a fence, but pallets, not our pallets, and sniff for Daisy and she will some times great him and some times not. She has mastered the skill of playing hard to get. She's a good girl like that too.

I can't wait until the dog days of summer so I can be out on the deck with her. Not too much longer. I keep telling myself that and soon enough it will be true.

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