Friday, March 05, 2010

Friday Flop

So, I weighed in this morning and the scale did not play nice. Okay, maybe I didn't play nice with the food intake this week. I want to blame the scale, but that would be a cop out and I know it. The only problem is that my scale gave me 3 different weights with a 3lb span in difference.

I'm not happy with the weight gain, obviously although there are good things to come out of this week. I measured my body and I'm losing inches. That is always good even though I'm still feeling thick. I'm not the best when it comes to measuring myself, but I'm pretty consistent with tape measure placement. That must count for something, right.

I have another long run planned for tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it for one reason and one reason only - it is supposed to be 10 degrees out tomorrow. That will feel like running in the tropics compared to my last two outdoor runs. I'm working 7a-3p and then 10:30-6:30a at my second job. Midnight hangover may get best of me on my long run, but I'll do what I can to be at my best mentally and physically. Short and long, okay not so much short at all, I'm going to be on the street for 98 minutes..... holy hell. How did these crazy times and distances get here so fast?

As I said, I'm not all that happy with my weigh in failure of this morning, so I'm recommitting to being more aware of the bits, licks, nibbles and straight up bites of foods. The water is being gulped and veggies consumed. I'm back and I'm on my way to losing that pesky gain from this week!

Have a great one!

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