Monday, March 01, 2010

Soggy Run Edition

It has taken me since Saturday to get this run entered.

It was long run Saturday AGAIN! There was snow AGAIN. There was rain AND snow. Weather wise it was not pretty. If the weather wasn't pretty, the run itself was downright ugly! Ugly. Ugly. Ugly.

No excuses. I was coming off a midnight with little sleep the couple days prior to my long run. I was running with tree trunk legs. The negative mental chatter was nasty. I couldn't find a groove to save my life. I was running 1 minute walking 1 minute. I would build to 2 minutes run and then walk again. It was just all around painful.

My legs were red for at least an hour after my run. The good thing is that I can walk normal today which was not the case last week. So, are things looking up? I hope.

Lessons learned are that things are not always the way they should be on run day and you can still finish what you set out to do. 11.58K (7.24 miles) in 1 hr 27 minutes. I'll take it. It is my longest distance to date and I survived. That, right now, in my books is a victory.

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