Monday, March 08, 2010

LSD And A Long Winded Discussion About It

My long run was planned for Saturday but I decided to reschedule it to Sunday, due to life being hectic. The weather forecast was good for both days, but living through Saturday being absolutely gorgeous I was struggling with my decision to play with my run days. I've had to do so quite a few times in the last 8 weeks, so I'm wasn't overly concerned. I've hit every run except for 2 when I was sick, but never missing 2 in one week.

Friday, I worked at my primary job 7a-3p and then my second job a midnight 10:30-6:30am. I could have fit the run in on Saturday, but want to have some time today stuff and not have an entire day consumed by sleep and a run, I opted for the fine tuning. I had a great day on Saturday, but there were many times I was internally questioning my decision. Cute Boy, getting used to my ways, when I did voice them, put a stop to that craziness right away. He made it clear to me that I made the decision and I couldn't change it and to stop beating myself up over one long run moved around. Deal with tomorrow when tomorrow gets here, because the decision I've made can't be undone now. See, one more reason I love him like I do.

Sunday rolls around and the weather is phenomenal! Gorgeous! Sunny! Slight breeze. Fabulous. Off I head on my run. I had cut back on one layer of clothing from previous road runs and I still found I was overdressed. I stopped and took off the long sleeve and little mittens, leaving me with a sports bra and my running coat. It was perfect. Perfect I think because I was able to warm up first. I think if I'd started out with that little clothing I'd have been too cold.

The planned time was to be 1h 38 minutes and my pokey second half took me to 1h 40 minutes. Odd, really because I felt very much in the groove on my way back. I ran the entire 6th -7th mile. Oh, that being said I'm so pissed. I messed up my Garmin information. I had it on the 2nd profile and I when I logged it in the computer it didn't transfer properly and I lost all my split times. So sad! I was able to get my total time and distance, but not all the fun little individual lap information. BOOOO!!!

My pace was/is 11:40 - YIKES! I was on the street 1h 40 minutes with a distance of 8.24 miles/13.5K. I'm getting closer to the 1/2 marathon distance every week.

The combination of feelings while on a run is out of this world crazy.

  • invigorated
  • driven
  • crazy
  • doubtful
  • scared
  • intimidated
  • pained
  • mentally strong
  • mentally weak
  • proud
  • nervous

That is just a few of the feelings that run through my mind on one single run. I know, having read a few books on running and Runner's World magazine, that half the battle is mental. I read on Tigerlily's blog, that a trainer said to her, just before her 1/2 Marathon, the mind will give up before the body will. I paraphrase somewhat, but you get the idea.

I'm a bit concerned because last night I was experiencing some discomfort in my right ankle and knee. Today, after sleeping from yet another part time job midnight, I don't feel the pain like I did. I'm glad for that, but will definitely keep an eye on it.

If you're still here, I applaud you for following along with my wild thoughts. Can you imagine what its like in my head?

Have a great one!

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