Thursday, February 22, 2007

I'm soooo excited as I try to conherently compose this entry. Have patience will me, will ya.

As I've stated in some of my previous posts my house is in various states of renovation. Well, one step closer to completion I am today. From the very first time, I was separated and each time after I started to tear my bedroom apart. Over the course of the past 3 years, my room has had the flooring torn out, trim taken down. Krista and I got together one night quite a few months ago and painted the room. Okay, I'll admit we had a few Corona too! No, seriously we did. As I come to think of it anyone that has meant something to my recovery (minus Mary) has helped in the transformation of my room. Mary, there's still lots to do, my dear.

Next step in the process was the laying of the flooring. I bought the laminate a few months ago and after some scheduling with Cute Boy, my new flooring has been laid. I just love it. I had expected to help lay the floor, but much to my surprise I really had to do nothing. Not being expected to help with the renovations was a gift in itself. Couple that with the new flooring, what a lucky girl I am!

Cute Boy just left from laying my laminate flooring and putting up the trim in my bedroom. It took him a bit longer than expected only because he had to assemble a table saw because I didn't own one. I'm soooooo excited I can't even tell you!!!! I didn't expect him to do the trim as well, but he did. Now I just have to get the trim for around the window and he'll do that as well. I love it. I'm so in love with my new room. I can't wait to get my bed put together and put together all my decorations. I've been buying things for my room for about a year now, so this promises to be lots of fun!!!!!

Cute Boy isn't a perfectionist my any means, but he's persnickity enough to be awesome. I didn't have to help at all which is very strange. There was no condescending comments or tones spoken. He just puttered around as though he wasn't even here and did everything all by himself.... what an absolute doll. I felt totally inept and lazy as a cut dog, but I just stayed out of the way and hung out with my dog pretty much all day! If I truly wanted I could have cuddled in Lil's bed and read a book. I know this might appear as nattering, but it is extremely foreign to me! I will post a pic tomorrow night. I need to get batteries for my camera. WOOHOO for me! I'm soooo excited. One job at a time and soon enough I'm going to have a house I can be proud of and no longer dread people coming over!!!!!!!!!!!

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