Thursday, February 08, 2007

Happy Sweet 16 My Precious Baby Girl

Oh where has the time gone? It seems as though it was only yesterday I looked in to your eyes, my most precious little angel. I knew from the earliest moments of my pregnancy that you were going to be an amazing little girl, and that you would forever change my life. Never did I dream just how you would change my life nor that I would come to love you to the degree I do today.

You've been a firecracker from day one, so full of life and ready for whatever life throws your way. That doesn't seem to have changed as you've grown into the beautiful young woman that stands before me today. As much as I cherish the little girl you were I look forward to the type of woman you will become. I'm more proud of you than any words I put to paper could convey.

In closing I will say, I'm honoured to be a member of your Fanclub, Alyssa!

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