Saturday, February 17, 2007

Elf Fairy Finished

I was able to put the final beads in this morning. I love this little imp. She is just too cute. The only thing I'm unsure about is the white beads on the tree. I think I should have changed them up and used the silverish coloured beads. Lily thinks the white ones are fine since they look like snow. They just appear to me like Minnie Mouse shoes! KWIM? Overkill, really! Big and loud and so out of place!

Here she is with her beads changed to silver. I think is much improved and not so distracting.

This piece was started January 14, 2005 and completed Feb 17, 2007. How is it that it took me 2 years to find 39 hours 35 minutes to stitch this piece? Oh, I keep forgetting that I had 15 pieces on the go at one point! I'm kidding. I did forget or rather, can't forget no matter how hard I try.
My next piece is something being stitched for a friend on the Cross Stitch Crazy Board. I'm not sure if it's a surpise or not, so until I find out for sure I'll keep this next piece to myself.
After finishing the surprise piece, Lily has chosen for me to finish Dear Santa. It is a about 1/2 done and shouldn't take too long to get finished either. Just imagine I could have 3 finishes in 2 months! I think I had one finish in all of last year, but I did get a good number of them started last year, right? That's part of the process too, isn't it?
Thanks for watching the progress of this piece and always being here to cheer me on.

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