Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Blessings

Well, Christmas is over for another year and for the first time in a very long time I was spoiled!! I know in a previous post I said Christmas isn't about presents and in my heart, I know this, but let me tell how blessed in the present department I was this year.

I will list these presents in the order I remember receiving them:

~Corona Glass Decoration (Velda)
~Snowman Quilt Wallhanging (Velda)
~12 Day presents (Pam) (insert link)
~Cookies in a jar (Barbie)
~Baked goodies (Kathy)
~Desktop Notepad (Karen)
~Scented Waffer Burner (Karen and just because we worked together on Christmas morning)
~A vanilla candle, bath salts and beads in a red mug, vanilla lotion and a huge bath towel (Annie Fannie Fo Fannie)
~Money and 3 beautiful snowmen ornaments (former MIL)
~New York Yankee Fuzzy Dice for my car (Queenie and Princess)
~A Wrought Iron and Glass Candle holder (Princess and Queenie)
~8x10 picture of Alyssa and Mike (Mike)

All the following presents are from Cute Boy:
~very big snowman decoration from his daughters
~2 boxes Tim Horton's Chai Tea
~Tim Horton's Tea Pot (I've NEVER owned a tea pot)
~Wine bottle opener
~Body Shop Vanilla Body Sugar
~Deirks Bentley CD
~Chocolate Bars
~A Jimmie Johnston hand drawn photograph
~A most adorable Kitty Cat Calendar with inspirational sayings
~A teddybear holiday door wreath
~Kitty Cat Wax Dipped Room Deoderizer

All these presents listed, I know I'm spoiled and that is something very foreign to me. It was strange but wonderful and very much appreciated. That being said all listed presents are awesome but the most precious of gifts were those you couldn't buy with all the money in the world. My children are healthy and for the most part, I hope, happy. My soon to be ex in-laws are still so loving and welcoming of me. They offered for me to spend Christmas dinner with them. I did refuse and that was more than difficult, but something I felt I really had to do. I pray the love they have for me is enough to enable them to understand the struggle I face in trying to find my way in this new life of mine. I am blessed with the most amazing friends and was able to spend time with each of them over the holiday season, which is no small feat!

One of the most amazing gifts given to me was from Cute Boy and this gift is the simplest of all. It was his time, his affection, his hugs, his hand on my leg, a kiss, or a touch of my face. Shall I go on? It was a heavenly night of sweet moments with him in front of his fireplace and in those quiet moments, and most comfortable of quiet, wrapped in his arms with the sweetest of smiles on my lips. I ask myself what more could bless my life or how much more perfect could a Christmas be than I one I just experienced? I think nothing could top this one!

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