Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Don't Get Any Ideas In Your Head Or Too Comfortable

If you ever get comfortable you'll regret it. I've learned this one the hard way just moments ago.

I quit with my girls and there isn't much that will change my way of thinking at this point. I've come to realize I've raised very selfish young ladies and I use the term 'ladies' very loosely. I have a most bitter taste in my mouth in regards to the way they are turning out. I'm not sure if I'm more disappointed in them or myself. I need to stop making excuses for them and I will no longer do it. I try to rationalize things, but all I'm doing is making it easier for them to avoid and control.... I quit.

I sit on the edge of leaving a life I knew with their father and moving forward with a new and different life. I'm trying to be understanding of them and not force them to make this transition just because it's what I want, but to that end there is no generosity of spirit from either. I ask or tell them to do something and all I get is resistence... if it's not what they want they fight it... well, ya know what girls, fight all ya want. I quit trying with you anymore! I give more than any parent I know and all I get back is ignorance, attitude and disrespect! Your ship has sailed and you've missed the boat.

In total sarcastic nature, something for which I'm famous ~ Happy Holidays to you! Your spirit of giving is something of which legends are made!

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