Monday, December 04, 2006

The Letter 'T'

Why do I let myself get sucked in to these things. There is a letter game going around on blogger and thank you, Velda for sending me my letter.

The Letter T

1. now represents to me a personal growth

2. Tea...Chai Tea is like a warm hug

3. can give so much to someone with just offering your time

4. Thread...otherwise known as 'floss'

5. Truth...without it you have nothing

6. Thank you...use your manners. They're free

7. Thoughtfullness...I try to live my life by being thoughtful of others

8. Talk...something I do too much of some days

9. Today....Every 'today' I wake up is a good day

10. T- Cute Boy ... from turtle to T- Cute Boy and it is as simple a journey as that

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