Thursday, December 07, 2006

WHOA Wine, baby

I've been friends with the ever-wonderful Velda for 11 years and today was the first time I was honoured to share a glass of wine with her, and what a glass of wine that became!

I have to say, as much as sharing the wine was fun, I'm glad it's not something we do often. We got ourselves in enough trouble with one glass of wine consumed over about 45 minutes. If this was a common occurence we'd be in world of hurt. Velda and I were laughing sooooo hard, we had Peter looking at us like he's never seen us before. Poor man! There was one point with Velda, hand over mouth (mouth filled with wine) laughing so hard I thought she was going to spit all over herself. I just sat back, laughing the entire time, reppeating, 'That is going to stain'. Must have said that about 10 times! Too funny and very much 'had to be there moment'.

We have some things on the burner now that, right now, I'm not sure I should divulge. I'll let Velda work her magic and between the two of us, when we decide the time is right, we'll spill the beans! I'm so excited and hope what we're working on can be accomplished. I'm sure with two Virgos at the helm, things will be fine! The vow has been made, the hands have been shook and the promise, no matter what the friendship comes first!

Bring on the wine and the fits of giggles..... Canadian snow storms, V, will represent White. Bring it on, baby! Be specific or else!

I love my life right now (minus a few things that will work out eventually) and look forward to tomorrow more and more and this is just the next step towards a better tomorrow. Yesterday and today have to rate rather high up on the scale of two awesome days. Yesterday with Todd was truly a simple, but most amazing day. I had one of the best days with him yet and today with him was just as sweet and to top it off with Velda and our "New Adventures of Old Velda and Tammy" we should continue on with days like today!

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