Saturday, December 23, 2006

Spend It Like Ya Got It!

What a night I had last night and get your mind out of the gutter! It wasn't that kind of night, ALMOST as good though, okay maybe that's a stretch because nothing much compares to THAT! Sorry, Pam. I love ya, but nothing compares to THAT!

In all the craziness of preparing for Christmas things have not been getting done like they should. I worked a day shift yesterday so I figured I'd make a great dent in all the things I needed to get done in the evening. That worked for a short time, until Pam came over. I was able to make 2 batches of shortbread, but 1 batch is garbage....stupid story. I then made a batch of Peanut Butter Fudge, awwww peanut butter, oh sorry that was supposed to be my inner voice, while Pam and Princess made a Ball Art Jar (pic coming soon, hopefully). I don't know if I was having more fun making my fudge (not) or listening to the two of them.

The girls and Mike were off to the movies so Pam and I hit the town. We went to Michael's for an hour and half, drooling over all the things we would like to learn to do. What a blast! We ended up spending a wee bit of money, but not too much, all things considered. Velda, if you're reading this I got another of your 12 day presents. I love and want to keep it for myself, but that is really nothing new!

The next pit stop on our travels was Starbucks! Why oh why did I ever suggest Pam and I try Starbucks? I'm soooooo sorry. Last night was my treat. We take turns since it is so darn expensive, but worth every penny! lol I can't wait to go next time because of course that one is free. Not really, but it works for me!

Off we head to Walmart. Let me tell ya, this 11pm shopping thing can get scary and fast. Again, I didn't spend very much. I did buy the most beautiful centrepiece for my kitchen table. (pics soon, hopefully). Now, I said I didn't spend much, but notice I've not said much about Pam? This woman was too funny. I was using the racks to hold myself up when laughing at her. She bought and bought and bought. I was no help, but she knows when she needs somewhere to set up her box house I'll help her find waterfront property. It might be in front of a puddle, but I'll have tried. Pam, honey, spend it like ya got it!

While at Walmart we hook up with Mary T (Pam's friend, and becoming mine too). After our exhausting shop (poor Mastercard) we come back to my place for a drink, fudge and shortbread cookies. We really needed the sugar rush after the workout Pam gave her Mastercard.

I had a great night considering I was going to be spending a quiet night home alone while the girls were out at the movies. Thanks Pam for always being here for me even when you don't even know! You truly are the greatest and I'm so happy to have you in my life! It is days like this that are so good for the soul.

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