Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Is Santa Hiring?

I want to apply for the position of Spare Reindeer in Training? Does anyone know where I forward my resume?

I got this most fabulous present from Cute Boy (and he says he doesn't love me) that I probably didn't deserve. It brings out my eyes, don't ya think?

I've had a very stressful week, all of my own making, but stressful nonetheless. You see my Mommy and Princess went shopping for Christmas goodies the other day and put the Christmas goodies on the table. Well, they know from lingering evidence of previous actions that I'm able to get on the table. I know! I know! I know! I'm a sneaky one, aren't I! So, knowing I could get on the table I did.... I ate the candies *insert maniacal giggle here* . Okay maybe not so funny after all, because those candies tasted mighty scrumptious going down, but let me tell ya about when they come up. No? You'd rather not hear that??? Okay, but you can probably imagine, eh? I yakked and yakked....all out my mouth. Nothing out my derierre. The candies were so mint flavoured you could smell it in my pee. Nice, eh! I'm a special girl with very special talents!!!!

I'm thinking with all the trouble I'm causing around here lately I'd be best to start looking out for myself and bringing in a little money before I get myself the boot. If I show a little initiative and maturity by looking for work, do you think they'll forgive my indiscrections?

Who am I kidding? They love me to the point of insanity around this joint. I don't have enough time to fit work in to my schedule. Being this cute takes up an awful lot of my time!

Until next time.



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