Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Enchanted Fairy - 40 hours

Isn't this special? Another update on Enchanted Fairy. The going is slow since I don't have the greatest light in the condo from hell, but I've decided I've wasted enough time with my stitching that I'm attempting to stitch even in poor light.

I've been stitching all over the place on this one lately. One night I'll stitch downwards on the left of the dress, the following night to the right. The most recent addition is the small section of the arm you see. I love that part for some reason. I am going to try in my next rotation to fill in the holes to the right. I think I will start with the bare section in the purple just below the arm and work my way down. I say that now, but wait until you see the next WIP pic, I'll probably do something completely different.

Thanks for looking. Your awesome comments are awe inspiring and greatly appreciated!

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