Saturday, December 06, 2008

Christmas Countdown - Day 5

December 5 - (a day late again) Decorating for Christmas is another up my high-up-there favorite things to do.

This year my decorating is a little different than my normal decorating style. Our living in this condo has slimmed things down to a 4 ft. tree, one string on lights on said tree and maybe 15 bulbs. There is no beautiful gold ribbon drapped down the sides. There is an adorable little
snowman decoration on the blanket box as well as my Santa cross stitch piece that I stitched about 9 years ago. Santa is only here because I didn't get him packed in time for the trailer.

There are years that it takes me 3 -4 days to decorate, but this year is was a matter of about 20 minutes to assemble the tree.

Decorating the house for Christmas gives me the feeling of warmth and comfort. I know I am very anal about alot of things and it is perceived that I'm a snob (teary eyed just thinking that), but it isn't that I want to be a snob. I love being surrounded by co-ordination and beauty.

My colours of choice for the holiday is red and gold. I do a combination of Santa (not many) and many snowmen. I have table centre pieces of red and gold plates, clear bowls with red ornaments drapped with gold beading. I miss my pretty things. I doesn't make for better holidays it just makes for a pretty glowing environment and I miss that.

I look forward to next year for our home and warmth of the house along with the decorations to make it all pretty and welcoming. That is my goal to make it pretty and for you to feel welcome when you visit (not that I have a lot of visitors).

I think I got a little distracted today! Sorry.

How do you decorate? Theme? Colour? Style?

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