Wednesday, December 10, 2008

House Happy!

I'm really trying to keep things in perspective, but let me tell ya it's a challenge!

I got home from work yesterday to Cute Boy informing me that he talked to Derek (house contact) and there is thismuch of a possibility that we could be in our house by New Years! I tried not to jump up and down and failed miserably. Once the shine wore off I realized that I want to maintain some perspective so as not to be disappointed.

Just imagine being in the house by the New Year. Ringing in the New Year in our new house. I told Cute Boy, if we're in I don't care if just sit around naked on living room floor on New Year's Eve, I want to be home for the holidays, any part of the holidays if possible. Did you read that? HOME!!! I'm going to have a home again! YAAAAAA Us!

Now, to just keep things in perspective. This may not happen, but the opportunity to dream is heavenly!

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