Thursday, December 18, 2008

Blowing Bubbles In The New Year

This is going to be my focus piece for 2009. Pam and I usually always start a new piece every Boxing Day, but as of late it's been New Year's Day and for 2009, not at all.

This coming year we've decided to move away from that tradition somewhat and choose something from our WIP pile, specifically a piece that has been neglected. The decision has been made that we are going to focus on Bubbles, at least that was the way it looked the last time we talked. We both have a few pieces that we've started together so there was no shortage of pieces of choice.

My plans are simple this year - stitch. When I'm stitching the goal will be to flip between the following pieces:

  1. Wildlflower Rhapsody (more than half done)
  2. Enchanted Fairy (1/4 finished - relatively quick piece)
  3. Halloween Fairy (need supplies - so close to finished)
  4. Bubbles (a very long way from the finish line)

I have a few things I would like to start and hopefully finish this year, but that is for another time and another post. I will just enjoy the craft and post the updates as they come. No pressure this year to work a certain amount of time or this ridiculous list of pieces I want to start or finish. I want to just enjoy myself and see what I can do.

So barring any catastrophic happenings in my world, I should be able to accomplish something and if I don't no big deal. I will try to return to the days of stitching while I'm working evenings and maybe be able to find some time to stitch at home, when I finally have a home again.

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