Monday, October 01, 2007

September and October Stitching Thoughts

I made some progress on this piece as much as you can't really tell. I played host to that damn frog most of this rotation. The very bottom part, I miscounted 3 times. I ask myself, 'If I can't count past 4 properly, how in the hell did I graduate Kindergarten?' Anyone?

I am going to keep Love as my focus piece for now. I really want to have this one completed sooner rather than later, so I'm going to keep working on it rather than moving all around my rotation pieces. Wish me luck!

This is a new piece I started in September. It is a gift for a friend. What you see here is about 5 hours of work, not a lot, but with all the colour changes, not too bad.

My contribution on the Finish It 3 piece from the CSC board I worked on the red part around the edge and some of the browns, doing fill in work. The fabric that has been used for this piece is amazing, a little difficult to see at times, but absolutely gorgeous. It is now off to Velda. I think she's going to love it and will probably make a lot more progress than I.

September Accomplishments
I was able to stitch a total of 29 hours. I shoot for an hour per day, but fell just a wee bit short this month. I love my life, but sometimes I'm so busy that getting time for 'me' is just not in the cards. Thankfully I have a job that allows me to stitch while I work!

October Goals
There is a month long stitch-a-thon on Cross Stitch Crazy board which is always an inspiration to put needle to thread. It is such fun. I've set my personal goal at between 5000-8000 stitches. I can do this!

Will work on:

  • Love With A Capital L
  • Finish It 3 piece - Enchanted Alphabet
  • Maybe another rotation piece, maybe not.

Happy stitching days to you all.

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