Monday, October 01, 2007

You Do Know We Live In The Suburbs?

I've made an effort to 'countrify' my front step this year. I'm very much in the way of wanting to be in the country and since that isn't happening at the moment I thought I could bring a bit of the country to me.

I have a funny about the front step from Lily. She is such a quick witted kid and makes me laugh quite often. I'm arranging things on the step and think it's coming along okay. There is also a wooden picket fence in the front of the yard that you can't see in this pic. Lily comes outside to check on my progress and the conversation goes something like this:

Lily- You do know we live in the suburbs, right?
Me- Yes
Lily- Well, it looks very much like the country with this display and the wooden fence along with your front door.
Me- That is the point
Lily-Well, it looks kinda funny this country look and a Camry sitting in the driveway
Me- Ya think? (Insert as much sarcasm as you'd like)
Lily- Maybe you should go all the way and buy yourself an old beater truck and it would be even more country!

The little snot-box although I was laughing my rear off, she has a point. Oh, how I would love to have a little truck. Wouldn't that just about send her around the bend! She probably would like it and not to mention girls and truck = hot!

I need to get myself a little pumpkin and then I think I'll be finished. I just love Autumn and all the colours on display.

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