Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Dog Days of Summer

I'm going to start this entry and just let it fly, not sensor my thoughts but to let it just come from the heart!

I had the most wonderful weekend. I've had many over the last year, but this one was just too awesome.

Cute Boy worked days and I was on evenings on Saturday and off Sunday. I spent Saturday shopping with Cute Boy's daughters. It always seems I follow up with "it would have only been better if Lily were with us". This time is no different! Princess didn't come with us which is too bad. It was a total girl day and one she would have really enjoyed. The girls told me they don't get to shop very often, which in my way of life, believe that is a crime. I have never heard 'Tammy! Tammy! Look at this!, What do you think about this?, Would this work? Tammy! Tammy!" so many times in my life! It was hilarious. I watched Cute Boy's oldest daughter stretch a dollar like nothing else. I was and still am very proud of her. Cute Boy and I parent as differently as any two human beings could, so this shopping trip was just that - a trip. The girls would show me a skirt not much bigger than a tissue and I would just look they knew - Dad will kill one of us, back went the skirt to the rack.

The girls and I picked up Queenie and she hung out with us for a bit. We all headed back to Cute Boy's for a swim after working up a sweat. Being a fashionista is hard work, ya know. I got a small jump on back to school shopping: adorable skirt for Princess and a pair of crazy comfortable looking pants for Queenie. Oh the back to school shopping fun begins.

Sunday was a day of dreams for me. Cute Boy, myself and the three girls were invited to a family barbecue at Cute Boy's sister's home. I love being around his family. They are some of the most incredible people I've ever the honour of meeting. You would never know in a million years that they haven't known me as long as that. They love each other and you can see it in most everything they do with and for each other. The way they treat me is awesome, but the best part for me, is the way they are with Princess. Watching her open up slowly, but open up just the same, around them over time is just the greatest. Princess gravitates to Cute Boy's one neice. I see a lot of Cute Boy's neice in the person I think Princess will grow to become.

I had the absolute best day and know it is days like this recent one that show me just how blessed I am. You can not ask for more than being in a place that brings you joy and peace. That is exactly the kind of day I just lived. I'm still feeling the after glow.

In closing I steal from another blogger, Susan:

Thank for sharing a perfect summer day with me.

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