Friday, August 31, 2007

Tag, I'm it!

ACCENT - Don't have one, but love them. Oh so sexy! Todd has a bit of an accent - PURR

I DON"T DRINK - much other than water/tea/coffee

CHORE I HATE - cleaning hair from the sink drains

PETS - love animals... have a shih tzu dog, and a cat

ESSENTIAL ELECTRONICS - My computer and radio

PERFUME - don't wear it, but love body spray - vanilla

GOLD or SILVER - mostly silver now

INSOMNIA - periodically

JOB TITLE - wiper of assess (switchboard operator)

MOST ADMIRED TRAIT - I'm sweet/giving misconstrued as being easily taken advantage of by some.

KIDS - 2

PHOBIA - too difficult to explain

RELIGION - not a practicing Catholic, but try to live by the beliefs


TIME I WAKE UP - depends what I'm working

UNUSUAL TALENT/SKILL - don't think I have one!

VEGETABLE - yes! no parsnip or turnip

WORST HABIT - I worry too much

X-RAYS - can't remember

MY FAVORITE MEAL - anything that has Todd's ceasar salad as a side dish!

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