Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Nesting Nelly Reporting for Duty

It is happening again... I'm entering into the phase of my life that rears its head every so often. I'm nesting! No, I am not pregnant!!!! I've been like this since I was a small girl and it has continued on into adulthood. I love this time. I always want to know the why of something and this is no different. My kitchen sink psychological analysis leads me to think it is my love of the fall season. Don't get me wrong, I live and die by the hot days of summer, but as soon as I feel the humidity break I get this urge to be 'Susie Freakin' Homemaker'.

I've been scouring cookbooks looking for comfort food. I want to do batch cooking so I have meals and servings of different foods in the freezer. All those rib sticking foods: chili, cabbage rolls, lasagna and stew. You get the idea, I'm sure. I've already made Curry Chicken and Rice, but none of that made it to the freezer.

I haven't even touched on how I get with my house in times like this. I just want to clean and renovate then clean again. I run around like an obssessed and slightly demented woman making lists of what I want to get accomplished. List, lists and more lists. Measuring tape in hand I start making notes and measurements of what is needed, here there and wherever. I just about drive myself crazy and this is where it gets bad, really very bad. I can make lists until I'm blue in the face, and let me tell ya I can really make a list, but if I don't accomplish what I set out to achieve, I get so annoyed with myself. Drive is good to a point, but obssession is a dangerous game.

So, in trying to make myself more accountable I will take this little nesting moment and list the things I want to do to my house in the next little while:

Princess' Room
~touch up paint on Princess' ceiling
~spray paint Princess' window blind gold
~buy, hang and paint new bedroom door
~install new door knob

My Bedroom
~install and paint new bedroom door
~hang shelf (having issues with this one)

~renovate the entire room - waiting on Cute Boy for this one!

~fix drywall
~spackle some drywall screw holes done
~paint kitchen

Spare Bedroom
~Where do I begin?

~Paint the garage trim to match door and window shutters

This concludes my short list and think this will be enough to keep me busy for a bit. I do need to spend some money to get these jobs finished, but not a lot which is always good. Most of the jobs listed are simple enough I just need some time off to be able to get them done.

Now that I have my list made I'm even more excited! I love my house and fixing it up brings me such happiness, especially now that it is all mine - greedy girl I am. Why does the thought of all this work leave me feeling overwhelmed, but happy as a lark?

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