Friday, April 17, 2009

Baseball, BOY and Booze

It's been ages since I've blogged. Sorry. Life has been crazy. Things have been busy, as always and I see no end in sight. Matter of fact things will only get busier in the very near future. My (our) baseball season will be starting within the next month. That is a minimum of 2-3 games per week.

This evening Cute Boy and I are hosting our open season ball party. We have a bunch of new players this year, so we are hoping to have an ice breaker to ease into the get to know you phase off the field. As far as I know, we have 5 others coming, then Cute Boy and myself. It promises to be fun.

I woke up this morning and wasn't really feeling the party spirit. After some discussion with Krista about the party and life, I'm looking forward to it, very much forward to it.

A bit of an update in other aspects of my life. Point form to keep it clean and quick.

  • Cute Boy and I are finally in a better place. Took the sadness to the edge and we are working our way back to a healthy happy place. When things with him are good, they are great. That gives me lots of hope.

  • Having some issues with Princess that have broken my heart a wee bit. I hope for time to pass the issues. These particular issues showed me on the couch gorging on a bag of mini eggs and tortilla chips. Can you say sugar sodium induced food coma?

  • Spent a wonderful Easter celebration in Cornwall with Cute Boy's family. Had an over abundance of Newfie food. It was heavenly in a purely food obsession sorta way.

  • Have not bounced back from the Easter weekend food binge and the scale made it abundantly obvious this morning. There was no love to be found for either of us. Damn it!

The party tonight will not be a healthy girl type of event, but something I am whole heartily looking forward to. I love the people that I already know that will be in attendance and look forward to meeting the newest members of our team. I can already feel the hurt of my sides from the laughter.

My pledge is to have fun, but I don't commit to behaving! There will be pics! I promise!!

Much love to you and your patience with my infrequent posting!

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