Saturday, April 04, 2009

It's Starting To Click

I'm a little bit amazed.

I was talking with my friend Pam yesterday about WW and losing weight. I had mentioned that I weighed in with a STS and all things considered I was okay with that. That is huge for me. The week was a painful one in regards to food and lack of being physical. I'm just starting TOM so that I don't show a big gain is an accomplishment in itself.

While talking with Pam about my current weight, she brought to my attention that since I've been working out (even minimally in the beginning) and honestly following WW again, her calculations have me at somewhere near 10lbs lost.

I was just going over this conversation in my head, not too long ago. I figured I should see just how much I have lost. In the last month, first Friday of March to yesterday, I've lost 7.4lbs. Holy shit. I was watching the numbers go down or stay the same, but didn't realize I was putting together a combined loss of near to 10lbs. If it hadn't been for Pam mentioning it to me I'd be none the wiser. No wonder I feel so much better lately (minus the emotional mess of earlier in the week).

The wanna-be-statistician in me fails this test. I know I'm doing things differently. I'm eating better, watching my portions closer and working out more. I just wasn't putting it all together. That is so unlike me. Could it be that I'm just getting used to doing what I do? That would be a wonderful development in this weight loss journey and healthier lifestyle.

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