Monday, August 25, 2008

Life, As It Is

Things here have been hectic to say the least which must be obvious by the fact that I'm never here anymore. I post quick book reads and even quick stitching updates and that seems to be all I have time for anymore.

I'm in a cycle of my life that I hate. I know I should be happy, what with the building of a new house. That is not turning out quite how it was envisioned. The ground breaking was to be August 15th. As of now, this very minute, we are 10 days behind and it will be longer than that before we get the house started.

The problem being that the lot is 50' at the front and 46' at the back, starting right at the very front of the yard to decrease. So, the problem being our house layout was planned with a 50' lot in mind, but to be true it really is a 46' yard. Translation: Our house is too big for our lot. We need to shave off 18". In the grand scheme of the whole world that isn't much, but in a house it is huge! I'm lost at trying to contribute valuable ideas. Cute boy, on the other hand, as annoyed and frustrated as he is, has been great about coming up with ideas. The problem being faced right now is to get the architect to return calls and now the contractor!

This would be the most recent update on the house. So, rather than being here posting progress pics of the house, I'm here updating you on the melodrama surrounding the non-building of my home. Such fun!

Other aspects of life are going well, I guess.

I'm full time at my job now. It has taken me 9 years and 1 month to move from part time to full time status. I've worked in a full time capacity for the majority of the last year with a few part time schedules thrown in to keep it stressful and interesting. I'm happy to be full time to know I'm off every weekend and paid for holidays. I've been officially time since August 14th and just filled out my paperwork on Friday. The first phone call I made this morning was to the dentist. I can not wait to go to the dentist! The funny things people worry about and I'm worried about getting my teeth properly cleaned. Ya me!

I'm in the process of getting Princess ready for back to school. I took her today to file the paperwork to transfer schools. She didn't transfer because she needed to because of the eventual move, but because she just wanted to transfer schools. Her and I started her back to school shopping today, as well. I've usually finished it up by now, but things being what they are, I've been delaying. Her and I are heading to the States on Wednesday night to do some shopping. With Princess, should be a good time.

I don't even know where to begin with the Queen's situation. I found out today she doesn't plan on going back to school in a week. She's going to go to a Second Chance program instead. I'm so frustrated I could scream my head off or cry until I'm all cried out, but I'll not. What is the point? She will be 18 y.o. in February and I feel like her life is just - NOT! I'm not sure if you know what I'm trying to say. I don't even know if I know what I'm trying to say here. I look at her life and it breaks my heart. I know I can't do anything about her situation right now, but to sit by and watch your child squander away what could have been, should have been, a good life, is just painful. I guess I'm just left to love her right now. I hope that is enough because I'm at a loss for anything else.

I think that is as much of an update as I can mentally formulate right now.

Know I'm around even I'm not blogging!



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