Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Stitching Stuff

I'm just cleaning up my stitching for the evening errrr, for the morning. I'm here at work and I'm exhausted and happy all at once.

I was able to stitch just over 5 hours the past two nights while working 6p-2am. Tonight's showing has 17 colours on my desk and another near pic update. As much I seemed to be changing colours after only 2 or 3 stitches, I think you can really notice a difference. The flower section is much fuller looking. My week is pretty full from here on out, but hopefully by next Tuesday or Wednesday I'll have another update shot to share.

With my upcoming move to the condo, I had to switch some of my shifts around to enable me to be around on Todd's schedule to help him move stuff. This is good and bad.

Bad: I'm working evenings.
Good: I'm working evenings so I can stitch while I'm at work.

I'm a really sick turn around shift tonight. Off at 2am and back in to work for 7am. Ugly and gross no matter how you slice it! I will fall into bed tomorrow night a zombie.

That's all the nattering I have for you tonight.

Sweet dreams to all!

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