Saturday, August 02, 2008

Job's Tears Finished and Framed

Not the greatest clarity, but you get the idea. I love the frame, but I'm not sold on the amount of mat. I think there is too much mat and not enough fabric. At first, I absolutely hated it. That opinion changed a bit over the days it was sitting in my office.

This gift was presented to Susanne (Sam) on Wednesday. Here last day of work was Thursday and we wanted her to have it before her last day to try and stave off the emotions of the situation. I worked, but not really. :)

The frame was sitting on her chair when she came in to the office and when she saw it she gasped. Hand on heart she kept saying "OMG, I can't believe this. I'm going to have this forever". I was crying, she was crying. It was when she explained, the comment 'I'm going to have this forever', that I really choked up. She is going to give it to her daughther when she passes (I don't want to think about that). It was pretty special. I'm honoured to be able to be part of giving her such a perfect gift.

It took Sam about 5 minutes to say to me, "I watched you stitch this over the years. I watched you and loved it! I can't believe I watched you make this for me." I quit bringing out in front of her when I got close to the end because I was fearful of the fact she would realize it was being stitched for her.

I give thanks to the girls in my office for contributing to the framing and making this gift possible. Love you!

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