Saturday, April 17, 2010

When The Running is Tough

The runners try to maintain a healthy diet. This is my effort to try and undo the damage to my heart and head when I was still in pain this morning on my run. I decided to come upstairs and try and turn the frown upside down with some good eats.

The little Daisy girl in the background is good at bringing out the smiles too. She is such a little bum and I just love her to bits, although the feeling isn't so much mutual. She is a Cute Boy girl.

Nothing much on the agenda today. Mini run 8 minutes -woohoo. Not only is my leg sensitive, but my treadmill seems to be making a nasty banging noise now too! It was moved this past week with the incline up and that is a major no-no. I have to get a name of a repair guy to come have a look at it. Add that to the list of annoyances in my running world and I'm in a pissy mood!

Big baseball party on the schedule for tonight. Really looking forward to it. I love partying with my ball team. They are so fun and funny. I will be partaking in some cupcakes. I can't wait for that as much as I am looking forward to hanging out and relaxing.

I am dragging ass though, because as much as I was excited to be off all weekend, no sooner did I hit 'publish post', last night saying I was off all weekend, the phone rang calling me in for a midnight. It wasn't the best midnight I've ever worked, but it's done now.

I'm off to do a little bit more of nothing.

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