Saturday, April 03, 2010

Crying in my Beer

I am home from a 70 minute run, 55 minutes EARLY. I've been plagued my some sort of leg issue that is so freaking painful. I started out on my run, thinking I could just loosen it up, but 1/2 mile in, I was practically in tears, so I peg-legged it home. That felt great!

A while back I had pain in my knee or so I thought it was my knee, but I honestly think it's whatever is bothering me now. I haven't run in a week and I've still been feeling this pain, so it's not sore muscles from running and all that. When I get up and walk, even a week without running, I'm sort of limping on my left leg, so I know it is something more than just running muscles. I showed Cute Boy where the pain runs through my leg and it looks to him as though it's a tendon. I am sitting here with tears just streaming down my face. I will do my best to continue training, but I really must step it back now. Not the ideal plan in planning to run my first half marathon, but what am I to do otherwise.

I will be placing a call to the doctor's office for an appointment to see if he/I can figure out what's wrong and how to fix it. The good news is my 1/2 is still 7 weeks away, so whatever is my problem, we hopefully have time to figure it out and fix it up.

For now, I'm off with my broken heart to the deck with a big bottle of beer (kidding) to drown my heartache and take some edge off the pain. I will get some ibuprofen though and just keep it pretty low key for the rest of the day.

Depressed Debby Downer signing off!

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