Friday, April 16, 2010

Glad That Is Over

Was it just yesterday that I said, oh my gosh it's already Thursday? What the hell happened to Friday? Okay, not all of Friday, but Friday afternoon.

I work in an office off all women. Most of the time that isn't a bad thing. I work full time with the same person, Pam, and then the part time girls are varied. Well, I don't have to tell you how part time works. This morning the part time girl, in a word - awesome!! She is funny. She is fun. She is a good worker. What she doesn't know she tries to figure out on her own and if she can't, she'll ask you for help. Love it! Love her.

Fast forward to this afternoon, much too quickly to the afternoon I might add. The part time girl, in a word or two - ridiculously pathetic. Within in her first minute on the job I could have punched her in the throat (not really), but you get the idea. I could just about scream at her. She has no concept of what our job is. We are NOT secretaries. We are NOT babysitters. We are NOT an answering service operator!!!!! I had to work with her for just over an hour, and in that hour I was thinking thoughts that were not going to get me anywhere near the gates of heaven, but closer to the gallows of hell swallowing me whole and Satan himself happy to have me on his team! Nasty, I tell ya. Glad that is over and it's finally Friday afternoon.

Funny, but not really funny in a 'hahaha' sort of funny, how your work environment is so drastically different depending on who you're working with isn't it.

So, on to the good part of my day. It's Friday. I don't work at the part time job this weekend. I'm going to attempt to run tomorrow (5K) and then it's off to a ball party! WOOHOO good times!

I'm happy for not working at the part time job this weekend, although the money is always needed. Cute Boy is at work so I'm on my own until tomorrow afternoon when he gets home. I'm going to do some facebooking - read Farmville and then read my book on the commercials while I watch Sid the Kid even the series with the Ottawa Senators.

Oh, forgot to mention. I weighed in this morning and it was a wee teeny tiny little itty bitty loss, but I'll take it. It put me back in the 130's. Almost as high as I can go and still be in the 130's, but I'll take it - for now!

That's all the chatter I have for now.

Take care and be good to those you love!

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