Friday, April 02, 2010


That would be my state of mind when stepping of the scale this morning, errrr, rather this afternoon.

I went to bed last night around midnight, after Cute Boy left for work. I slept in the bed, like a rock, I might add, until he got home. Off to the couch I went to lay down and slowly wake up. That was around 9:45am or so. I woke up at noon. I feel like I've wasted a great part of this wonderful day, but my body said, you sleep now! So, I did.

I waddled on down to the scale to be slapped in the face with a reading of 140lbs! That is a 2lb gain this week! AUUUUGHHH I'm not as upset as I'm leading you to believe, although I'm not happy with the scale.

My body has been through hell the last week. I've worked 2 full time jobs worth of hours in 1 week, so of course, my body is going to be bitchy about how it has been treated. I've not run since Sunday, so there was no additional calorie burn. I was up for so long on most days I was eating 2 days worth of food, as much as I tried to control what I was ingesting, it just didn't work out as well as I had hoped. Notice I said hope and not planned. There was no food planning in my week at all. That is the problem!

That was my life this past week, but it has no bearing on how my week is going to be this coming week. It can't. I can't change what last week was, so I'm moving on and forward.

The week I just worked was insane and not something I could do day in and day out. My friend Pam has lived like this for about 2 years and I do not know, for the life of me, how she does it. I can say though, with the hours I just worked and my income tax return that should be coming, I should be able to dump $1000+ on to my debt this month. I'm stoked about that. So stoked, that just writing it, I could cry. Okay, I know I'm emotional as a rule, but that is nuts! $1000+ in one month - never been done before! WOOOHOOO!!! It would be super duper exciting if MY debt wasn't sitting at somewhere near $24,000. It all starts with 1, right?

Is the money worth the lack of sleep and weight gain? I'm not sure. It is trading one stress for another? What do you think?

This 140lb arse is off to enjoy the day! Be kind to yourself and those you love.


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