Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Rug Or A Dog?

How is this for a down in the dumps dog?

Or this one?

Daisy can be a wee bit anti-social and a lot of a sucky baby when life doesn't go her way? Hmmmm, sound like anyone you know? :)

We have neighbours now, after living here for almost a year without. The neighbours on one side have a dog. Daisy doesn't like it.

The neighbours on the other side and towards the back are outside today building a deck. Daisy doesn't like it.

She's has been pretty much 'off' all day. She is not a happy girl. She had to go outside this afternoon to do her business and she put it off to the very last minute and when she did finally go out, it was a fast doo-doo job and the whole time peeking over her shoulder to see that no one was watching. She's a shy girl too, I see.

All these things I tell you are true, but the real reason for posting pics of Daisy doo-doo is to bring some sunshine to my blog and my heart. She is such a precious little girl. I don't know how I can be so sad at times with the likes of her in my life. My little love girl, even though her heart beats for Cute Boy and not me.

If these pictures of my sweet girl don't bring a smile to my face nothing will, and hopefully to yours too.

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