Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Speedy I'm Not, Excited I Am

I'm no speedy Gonzales that much I know.

I put in a pretty decent run last night. It was my re-introduction to the trusty friend I have in my treadmill.

30 minutes later covering 3.7KM with a 12:59, just call it a 13 minute mile. OMG that is an eye opener to have far I have slid in my overall performance.

I will not do the negative head chatter. This isn't about where I used to be, but where I am now and where I'm headed. I loved my run last night. I used my new i-pod (not fully loaded with tunes yet) and it was great. It felt invigorating to work up a good sweat. I loved the feeling of the hurt. All good hurt, of course I loved the fact that I could belt out tunes at the top of my lungs while pushing to get it done. Get it done, all meant in the best of intentions.

I walked away feeling invigorated and the most alive I've felt in months. It is a wonderful feeling to have a goal in mind!

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