Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Big Day Celebration

It's a big day in my house today!

Queenie informed me last night that she writes her final exam in her independent study course today. She is so excited. I can't find the words to fit the feelings of pride at watching her prance around the kitchen beeming with pride in what she's done. And so she should be so proud of herself.

The road thus far has been wrought with victories big and small. Challenges and successes. Missteps and confident strides. It is a day that at times neither of us, Queenie or myself was sure was going to happen. Something somewhere clicked for Queenie and here she stands today, about to take her final exam and graduate from high school.

I can still remember sitting with her as a little girl working on learning book activities from this extremely expensive door to door sales kit that her father and I bought at an outrageous price. The number of books I read to her, too many to count. I loved it all. It hasn't always been as easy as snuggling up on a couch sharing in a story. There were times when school was skipped, when it was easier to not go than to find the drive to get up and get it done. There was Independent Study programs, more than a few high schools in 2 different cities. The important thing is that it Queenie has pulled it together. Today marks the end of one journey and the beginning of another.

A celebration dinner is in order this evening. Queenie, Cute Boy, Princess, my in-laws and myself will be hitting up The Lonestar for a little dinner to celebrate Queenie and her accomplishment!

I, along with many others, couldn't be happier!

Congratulations Sweetie!

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