Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Dreams Do Come True

Yesterday was a day spent in the Nation's capital.

Cute Boy and I were off to Ottawa to see Sir Elton John and Billy Joel. I posted a while back that I bought tickets and that was pretty much all the mention, until now.

Since we were going to be in Ottawa and neither Cute Boy or I have our passports yet, we figured we'd make a day of it and file the necessary paperwork in person. It was a better option to me since I wasn't real big on sending my original documents in the mail.

We GPS'd our way to our destination and were in and out of the Passport Office in 40 minutes. Our $15.00 for 1 hour of parking, valet estimated 30 minutes. Not bad considering. Our service in the office was incredible.

There was a funny moment though involving the Commissionaire working in the office. The woman (and I'm not 100% when I say woman) would not speak. People would ask her questions and she wouldn't speak to them. She would point them in the direction they needed to be. It was too general a point for the people and she'd then be questioned again and point some more. The people were so confused. I had to watch her though, it was too similar to a train wreck not to watch. Being a people watcher and all, I could have hung out in there all day and been vastly amused by her alone not to mention the everyday Canadians needing assistance. It took me a couple minutes before I could lay my finger on who she reminded me of. I blurted out Mr. Bean and Cute Boy just about choked. We were both laughing so hard, because my assesment was bang on.

After the fun of watching her, we were off to hang out with Cute Boy's niece that lives in Ottawa. We spent the better part of the day with her. We went out for lunch to Jack Astor's and back to her house for a bit before the concert.

Fast forward a couple hours and the show begins.

I'm not even going to attempt to do justice to the likes of Billy Joel and Elton John. I would fail miserably. On receiving of our tickets we weren't convinced we had good seats at all, but after seeing the layout of the stage we scored pretty good seats. Our tickets were classed as side view. Now, normally that wouldn't be all that good, but that both performers are pianists they were set up in such a way that our seats rocked.

The show begins with both Grand Pianos rising from the floor. The concert begins with a song from each artist. Elton John would start his song and Billy Joel would join in for a verse and then Elton would finish and then the same for Billy Joel's song selection. After the sharing it was all Elton John then all Billy Joel followed by the 2 of them sharing songs again.

I can't lie. When the show first opened, I was so overwhelmed by the first 3 songs, I had tears rolling out the corner of my eyes. It was a very surreal moment. They played every song I had hoped to hear. I didn't hope for any particular song selection out loud so as not to be disappointed if I didn't hear a song I wanted, but that wasn't the case at all. I remember being a little girl strutting my stuff up and down my block to the likes of Billy Joel This really was a dream come true for me. I couldn't have asked for more.

This concert ranks right up there with my favorites. I would think my second favorite following only Keith Urban. Surprise surprise.

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