Saturday, June 20, 2009

30 Minute Death

The title would be courtesy of this lovely lady -

I gave it my best shot and Jillian kicked my ass and my arms and my legs.

I know it's not nice to say mean words about people, especially those you've never met. The thoughts and words coming out of my mouth during this 30 minute torture test would have sent shivers down a sailor's spine. I was not a nice girl.

Shortly after my workout I had a quick shower. Let me tell ya, washing my hair was nothing short of heavenly - NOT! My arms were screaming 20 minutes after the work out so I can just imagine the joy I'll be living through tomorrow!

All in all, Jillian I love ya! You kicked my ass and I loved it. I look forward to our becoming fast friends, although you and I may have 60 Day Shred relationship, as in us getting together every other day, because every day would see me dead and not able to enjoy me beautifully shredded body!

You are the bomb girl! Thank you!

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