Tuesday, June 23, 2009

All About Him

He reaches out a hand and pulls me up.

He reaches across the table with the gentlest of touches to offer support.

He will listen to the silence of my thoughts.

He will cup my face in his hands while he is sound asleep, in the dead of night to comfort me.

He expects nothing from me.

He reaches for my hand when I cry in a restaurant.

He doesn't let me lose sight of the fact that good is still in there.

He supports my decisions.

He will allow me to question my decisions, but not myself.

He will not allow me to take full responsibility.

He will fight the fight with me.

He would be the one that doesn't get enough credit by me for the every day support that I don't always know is there. But, it is!

He would be the one that holds my heart, and it's happiness.

He would be the love of my life.

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