Friday, June 19, 2009

A Down Moment

Well what do you know?! Following Weight Watcher and getting in lots of water really does work on moving the scale in a downward fashion!

I saw a loss of 3lbs this week. I'm happy with that. I would be excited if I wasn't losing and gaining the same 5lbs. This is going to change. I'm going to build on this week's loss and lose more again. I'm tired of the see saw of my weight.

There are many factors I think are instrumental in my success for this week. I've been eating Green Monster's like they are going out of style. All that spinach does a body good. I feel incredible amounts of energy since GM's have become a mainstay in my diet. It's awesome. That is a win win for me, not to mention I'm using up all the old fruits and veggies in the fridge. I have celery in the fridge that is getting a lot long in the tooth and I'm chopping it up in there too. I'm a thinker, eh!?

I just bought a keg of protein powder today and Krista and I are going to split it. I'm really looking forward to seeing if it changes the flavour any.

Princess is gone to her Dad's. Queenie and her friend came down to pick her up which was sweet. I haven't seen Queenie since early May. That is a long time, too long a time for me not to see her.

Princess has been given explicit instruction to call me or my friend Pam if for any reason she needs/wants to come home earlier than planned. This is always the parting comment from me though.

That's all I got. Nothing much going on today other than a good WI and me missing my girls like crazy.

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